Bootcamp: GraphQL & Apollo

Learn all about building API servers with GrapQL, and connect complex apps to GraphQL servers using Apollo

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 10 – 11 November 2018, Bangalore

GraphQL is a powerful technology for building modern apps. It improves performance of apps by enabling clients to query only the data they require. GraphQL features help us build maintainable and scalable API servers. It also enables us to build libraries like Apollo, which reduce the complexity of client side code.

Apollo is a GraphQL client library that can be used with any framework like React, Angular, Vue. Declarative data fetching mechanism of Apollo significantly reduces the complexity of client side apps. It also provide out of the box support for feature like caching, pagination, subscriptions which further simplifies client side code.

On day 1 of this workshop, you will learn all the concepts required for building API servers with GraphQL. On day 2, you will learn how to leverage Apollo to build complex apps with React and connect to GraphQL servers


Bring your laptop with Laptop with nodejs installed

Day 1: Building API servers with GraphQL

  • How GraphQL works
  • Benefits of GraphQL over REST
  • Building GraphQL servers
  • Subscriptions for real time updates
  • Schema stitching
  • Performance tracking and optimizations
  • Caching strategies
  • Authentication and authorization

Day 2: Apollo & React

  • Introduction to Apollo
  • Declarative data fetching with Apollo
  • Pagination with Apollo
  • Updating server data with mutations
  • Subscribing to real time updates from GraphQL server
  • Local state management with Apollo
  • How Apollo cache works
  • Using Apollo links to enhance its functionality


Kiran Abburi

Founder, Neostack.





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