Workshop on GraphQL using Apollo

Learn GraphQL and its advantages by building simple application with Apollo.

9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, 12 Jan 2019, Equal Experts, Pune


GraphQL is a query language built by Facebook. GraphQL overcomes many limitation of REST APIs. Today, it is used by many big companies in production like GitHub, Netflix, Airbnb, etc.

In the workshop, we will cover following points:

  • Introduction to GraphQL and its basic.
  • Build GraphQL server using Apollo-Server.
  • Build React GraphQL client using Apollo-Client and build react component to consume the GraphQL APIs.


Duration: 5 Hours


  • Introduction to GraphQL
    • GraphQL History
  • Shortcomings of REST

  • What is GraphQL?
    • How GraphQL eliminates the REST limitations
    • Advantages of GraphQL
  • Diving in the sample Application: Setting it up

  • What is GraphQL schema?

  • What are types in GraphQL

  • Introduction to GraphQL Queries
    • Examples of writing queries in the GraphQL playground
  • Introduction to Mutation

  • Introduction to GraphQL clients: Apollo and Relay

  • Building a sample application using Apollo


Abhay Nikam

Software Developer, BigBinary

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