JSFoo 2019

27-28 September, Nimhans Convention Center, Bangalore

Annual conference of 800+ front-end, backend and fullstack engineers

JSFoo is HasGeek’s annual JavaScript conference. JSFoo is in its ninth edition this year. The 2019 edition is a two-track event with talks and Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions in auditorium 1 and auditorium 2 at the NIMHANS Convention Centre.

Sessions at JSFoo this year will focus on the following topics:

  • The road ahead in JavaScript and the Web ecosystem
  • Functional programming
  • Improving performance and UX
  • Building systems, tools and processes for teams
  • Case studies of Vue.js, GraphQL, ReasonML and other framework/language adoption.

Tracks and themes:

Track 1 will cover talks on:

  • JavaScript and security, including:

    • A. Security and front-end
    • B. Backend, node.js and security
    • C. Framework specific security concerns
    • D. Authentication
    • E. Security audits
  • Latest developments in JavaScript and web ecosystem – the cutting edge.
  • Best practices: debugging and profiling on the web, testing, measuring performance.
  • JS off the web – conversational UI, raspberry pi, IoT

Track 2 launches ComponentConf where talks on backend architecture, and why and how different components fit into the backend architecture logics will be curated and hosted.

You should attend JSFoo if you work in any of the following domains

  • Architecture of Web Apps
  • Frameworks, tools and alternatives to JS
  • Front end and its security
  • Building systems, tools and processes for teams
  • Performance and UX
  • Management and scaling of Infrastructure
  • Debugging, testing and profiling on the Web

How it all began

HasGeek hosted the first edition of JSFoo in 2011 to address the growing needs of a niche community working with Javascript. Since then, our JS community has grown tremendously. And this year, we’re meeting again on 27 – 28 September to explore new ideas and developments, to implement innovative solutions, and to learn from others’ experiences. Want to see the quality and topics of talks at last year’s conference? You can watch the JSFoo 2018 Day 1 videos or JSFoo 2018 Day 2 videosto see what was on trend. Or check out the 2018 conference website.

Community Space

Are you an open source community, non-profit org? We invite you to be part of HasGeek conferences. Apply here.

Childcare at JSFoo + Meta Refresh

We welcome children at JSFoo + Meta Refresh. If you are a primary caretaker who wants to attend the conference and needs support with childcare, we have it all arranged. Learn more.

Food Court

Do you like to eat? So do we! HasGeek staff are foodies and also health conscious. Learn more about the food court at our conferences. Learn more.

Call for Proposals

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