Meta Refresh 2017

Postponed till further notice, dates are tentative

On interaction design and CSS from product and business standpoints

Meta Refresh will be six years old in 2017. We have come a full circle with trying to bridge the gap between designers and developers in the initial years, to producing a conference on front-end engineering alone, and finally, experimenting with shifting the focus to product design.

Conferences are living bodies, in that they evolve, just as humans grow by learning from trial and error. This year, we have decided to ground ourselves by looking at two aspects of design:

  1. Interactvity and user experience
  2. CSS

with the goal of understanding why design and engineering choices are made for different users, in different domains and for meeting different business goals.

The target audience for this year’s edition includes:

  • Interaction designers.
  • Visual designers.
  • UI engineers.
  • Product managers.
  • Businesses interested in understanding how to understand users, and thereby design better user experience and design.

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