CMS Conf 2017

The future of digital media

Postponed till further notice, dates are tentative

Every business is producing content, be it product catalogues on e-commerce websites, user updates and stories on social networking platforms, or news in the form of text and video on media sites. Managing and displaying content is the cornerstone of business and engineering decisions in every domain – not just media.

The core focus of the Content Management Systems (CMS) conf is understanding CMS workflows – why does your workflow necessitate either building a custom CMS or using an existing CMS.

Housed under Meta Refresh, the first edition of CMS conf will cover the following topics:

  1. Information architecture.
  2. Engineering challenges involved in displaying video, text and visual content.
  3. CMS UX.
  4. CMS as competitive advantage (and how digital media is empowering different businesses).
  5. SEO optimization.
  6. CMS and its influence on advertising revenues, subscriptions and monetization.
  7. CDNs, thread detection and mirroring.
  8. User stories from journalists, power users and bloggers.

You should attend and speak at the CMS conf if your work involves:

  1. Creating and managing content:
    • Content managers
    • Copy editors
    • Writers
    • Bloggers
    • Power users (who regularly post content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium and other platforms)
    • Journalists
  2. You run a content business:
    • Media houses
    • Web publishers
  3. You design websites:
    • Information architects
    • Web designers and developers
    • Design and development agencies / studios
  4. If you are in the business of building CMS.
  5. Non-profits that produce knowledge and publish it online for research, advocacy or outreach.
  6. Decision-makers in media houses including:
    • CIOs
    • CTOs
    • Business leaders
  7. E-commerce companies, including:
    • Category managers
    • Marketing teams

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