JSFoo 2013 will feature original creations with JavaScript. This year’s edition has been themed to showcase innovations on the mobile, server and client-side, and expose participants to cutting-edge developments – flying robots, hybrid mobile app framework, interactive physics simulation in the browser, etc.

Listen to full-length talks of 40 minutes, crisp 15-minute presentations on new ideas and frameworks, and present a short talk during the flash talk session open to the audience!

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18th, 19th & 21st September 2013

Workshops will cover JS frameworks such as Express and Meteor – to help participants learn how to hack/extend these frameworks to customize something. Other workshops include how to evaluate open source testing tools, applying HTML5 to mobile websites without killing battery on mobile devices and understanding Firefox OS including Open Web Apps, Web APIs and possibilities on the platform.

On 21st September we have workshops on Tizen in parallel with the main conference.

Workshops will be held across three venues over the three days. Details below.

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The first season of JSFoo featured editions in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai between Oct 2011 and Feb 2012. The fourth edition in Bangalore in Oct 2012 was based on the theme “JavaScript Everywhere” — featuring JavaScript on web servers, embedded in robots, as a cross-platform language for mobile, and in its original home, the browser.


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