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2014 September 07, 01:45 PM - 04:30 PM


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Workshop: A jump start to node.js

Joel Alenchery

node.js has been the hot topic around for quite some time now and the demand for it keeps going up owing to the fact that it replaces some server-side scripting language (like c#, php) and one only needs to know javascript for both the client and server side
This will be a beginner level workshop targeted at all JS enthusiasts who want to explore what node is all about and why it stands out.

  1. What is node? Why is there a need to use node?
  2. The simple standard example in node :hello world, basic echo server
  3. Use of inbuilt modules of node. A hands-on exercise on normal web server which reads a file and outputs the file to the user. Then add some search and filter capabilities to the route in the server
  4. Use of npm / writing your own module to be consumed by a node app. Exercise on writing /consuming a module
  5. Standard async patterns in node. An introduction to promises as a better way to handle the async nature of node.
  6. Popular modules in node

04:00 PM - 04:30 PM Networking and Tea hosted by


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