Vagmi Mudumbai

CTO at TarkaLabs

Building single page apps with React.JS

Participants would understand how ReactJS works and how to build a single page app with ReactJS. We will also briefly touch upon the Flux application architecture and see how we can architect applications with the Flux architecture

Shyam Seshadri

CEO & Director at Fundoo Solutions Pvt Ltd

Getting Up & Running with AngularJS

The aim is to get developers up, running and comfortable with AngularJS within a day. To break it down further:

  • Expose developers to the major benefits of AngularJS
  • Familiarize developers with the terminologies used in AngularJS, and associate it with existing nomenclature
  • Develop an End to End AngularJS application (as much as possible) from scratch
  • Understand what are controllers, services, factories, promises, directives and filters, and know how to use and create each!
  • Also realize the importance of testing, and how to unit test AngularJS applications!

Febin John James

Co-founder at Boutline

Meteor | Developing TeamSync (Real Time Collaboration Tool) Using Meteor

This workshop will teach you to develop a full-fledged web app on Meteor.

We will be developing TeamSync (Realtime Collaboration Tool)

TeamSync is a realtime collaboration tool which allows the users to collaborate with their team members realtime. Team members can update their status on what they are upto ,add missions, assign tasks , track productivity & chat with the team.

The best thing is you only need basic knownledge of javascript to build this full-fledged app. Meteor makes it so simple for you.


The Energy and Research Institute (TERI)

4th Main Rd, Domlur II Stage,
Domlur, Bangalore,
Karnataka 560008, India

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